Note: Please excuse my pissed off expression and also the collar of my shirt. I don't even know what was going on there. Better picture to come, stay tuned!
Hello, hello! I'm Elle -- a very simple twenty year old girl nestled in a small town in Pennsylvania. Among other things, I am a daughter, friend, surrogate aunt, art lover, student, and writer. I study behavior and law by day, and indulge in tunes and films by night.

Once I graduate (in a mere two years, y'all!), I'm hoping to place my roots somewhere in Southern California; a place I fell in love with at the age of seventeen. I suppose I've always had this adventurous spirit -- one that adores her hometown for the quiet landscapes and some of the people, but wants more. I hope to find that 'more' by the seaside. 

Follow along on my surely awkward adventures! You'll have a good time, I guarantee it.
Will reimburse, if not completely satisified with blog content. No, seriously, I will. In cookies and tiny glasses of milk. 

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I do enjoy a good email; feel free to contact me at:

elleisjustanickname (at) gmail.com