Spring has sprung; a welcome

Welcome to whomever is reading this first post!

This serves as a greeting, for not only you (whoever you are), but for me as I've migrated over this-a-way from Tumblr; a place I've come to realize that isn't conducive to lengthy posts (which I am accustomed to.)

Also, a big hello to the fact that Spring has arrived, which means I can finally pull out my flats instead of snow boots. I love me some Springtime weather.

You'll learn a lot about the other things I adore. Possibly some things that I don't, too.
I'll save the more pressing stuff for my actual introduction later. (:

I intend for this blog to not just reflect on my own rambling, but the start of my Etsy shop and what I adore about all things old and new. So, here's to hoping that I accomplish such and here's to hoping that I find something within myself as well.

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